After nearly two months of tension, Toronto's outside workers have voted in favour of a deal agreed upon by their union and city officials.

The union representing outside workers announced Thursday night that members of CUPE Local 416 approved the new contract.

CTV News has learned that the offer on the table included a five per cent wage hike over four years, and a 0.25 per cent bonus in January 2019. The deal includes only minor tweaks to benefits, CTV Toronto's Natalie Johnson reported.

But the tentative deal means that some workers could lose their jobs if their positions are contracted out, like in the case of garbage collection east of Yonge Street.

Currently only waste west of Yonge is collected by private companies, but representatives of the city have considered privatizing collection in the rest of the city in the past.

The offer in front of Local 416 members stated that only employees with 15 years of seniority or more (as of January 2019) are guaranteed to keep their jobs if their positions are privatized.

The offer was tentatively accepted by union representatives on Feb. 19.

Local 416's 4,200 members have been without a contract since the end of 2015. Members include garbage collectors, park staff and snowplow operators.

Representatives of the union's inside counterpart, CUPE Local 79, are still negotiating with the city to reach a tentative deal.

Members of that union reached a legal strike position on Feb. 20, but announced they would push back the deadline in favour of further negotiations.

The city's inside workers launched a work-to-rule campaign Monday after failing to reach a settlement over the weekend.