Toronto city planners are hoping to introduce new bylaws that would make amenities for pets mandatory in condo developments.

Currently, there are more than 200,000 dogs in Toronto – a number that city planners expect to grow.

"It is creating all kinds of planning challenges," said Jennifer Keesmaat, Chief Planner for the City of Toronto.

Keesmaat said city staff want help solve the problem by making pet-friendly amenities a requirement -- not an option -- for condominiums.

The city’s current tall building guidelines ask that condominiums consider providing amenity spaces for dogs, but Keesmaat wants to make those spaces mandatory.

“Whether that’s an amenity space on a second- or third-floor outdoor space, we're looking at the need to require that space," Keesmaat said.

Downtown development CityPlace already provides such amenities. The condo buildings include litter bags, bathing areas and dog runs where residents can give their pups exercise without having to leave the property.

Keesmaat hopes to see a mandatory pet amenity bylaw passed by city council in the fall.