While most Ontarians are looking forward to the new February holiday, Family Day, Toronto police officers are wondering why they're not included in the festivities.

Even officers who work in courts are scheduled for work that day -- although the courts themselves will be closed.

Toronto Police Association President Dave Wilson says it is unfair treatment. 

"The workers of City Hall will be off," he told CTV Toronto. "The courts will be closed. We have court officers that work in the courts and that's an interesting question. What will some of those members be doing that day when the courts are closed?"

Of the 600 officers belonging to the union, 350 to 400 of them have been scheduled to work on Feb. 18.

Mayor David Miller's office said the matter is a subject of collective bargaining and would not comment until bargaining is complete. Police services board vice-chair Pam McConnell did not return CTV's phone calls.

In an attempt to let the public know about what they see as an injustice, the city's police have launched a media campaign as part of their fight to get Feb. 18 off. The ads, which are running in Toronto newspapers, note that all civic employees are getting the day off except police officers.

The newspaper ads will continue to run right up until Family Day.