TORONTO -- A Toronto police officer has been charged after he was allegedly caught committing an indecent act near an arena in Whitby on Monday.

Durham Regional Police say they were called to the McKinney Centre just after 8:30 a.m. on March 1 for a report of an indecent act.

Police allege a young female witnessed a man performing an indecent act while he stood outside his vehicle.

After being confronted by a witness, the man drove off at a high rate of speed through a nearby commercial parking lot, police said.

He was later located and was arrested.

Ryan Walters, 33, of Whitby, was charged with dangerous operation of a conveyance and indecent act in a public place. Police said he was released on an undertaking.

Toronto police confirmed Thursday that Walters, an officer of six years, was suspended with pay. He is based at 51 Division.