TORONTO -- The Toronto Police Service has kicked off a week-long traffic campaign geared to cyclists which will focus on community engagement, education and enforcement.

With more people biking outdoors to take advantage of the city’s ActiveTO program, police are reminding drivers to stay alert and anticipate sharing the road with cyclists.

Throughout this week, police will be conducting traffic enforcement activities and connecting with people about issues that lead to cyclists and other vulnerable road users being killed or injured on city streets.

Last year, police say a total of 64 people were killed on Toronto streets. Of those, 73% were vulnerable road users not in cars, including one cyclist.

The “Big 4” driver behaviours that are known to cause injuries to vulnerable road users are: speeding, aggressive driving, distracted driving and impaired driving.

During the campaign, officers will also talk to drivers about “dooring incidents” that happen to cyclists, and will promote the police’s bicycle registry and other ways to prevent bicycle theft.

Police are urging people to help share information about this campaign on social media using the hashtag #CyclingCampaignTO.