Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's public weight loss campaign came to a close on Monday when he and his brother stepped on the oversized scale at city hall one last time.

Ford weighed in at 313 lbs., down a total of 17 pounds from the 330 lbs. at which he began the challenge in late January.

"I could have done better," Ford told reporters. "We'll keep working hard and cut down."

Ford and his brother, Coun. Doug Ford, launched their "Cut the Waist Challenge" almost six months ago, promising to hold weekly weigh-ins with the intention of promoting a health lifestyle.

Coun. Doug Ford, closed the book at 240 lbs. on Monday, down a total of 35 pounds from the 275 lbs. at which he began.

The Fords started the challenge with a goal to each lose 50 pounds by mid-June.

"It was an exciting weight loss challenge that we have done. We are not going to stop," Doug Ford told reporters on Monday.

"I lost 35 pounds and I didn't really try… and I couldn't have done it without Rob. Rob was the one who committed to do this.

"It took so much nerve for a guy – both of us, we are pretty heavy guys – to come out publicly like this and admit that we have a weight issue.

"It is a challenge for everyone."

In a brief comment, Ford admitted that he could have done better during the weight-loss challenge, saying he would continue his diet in private.

"I just want to thank everyone for their support. It has been good," he said.

The "Cut the Waist Challenge" was launched in mid-January in an effort to encourage Torontonians to join them in shedding excess weight, as well as raise funds for charity.

The challenge almost immediately fell apart after it was launched, with Rob Ford frequently skipping the weekly weigh-ins and eventually cancelling the appearances altogether.

At one point, Ford declared that he had quit the campaign and abandoned the dieting entirely.

Ford later said he would continue to diet but would no longer hold weekly weigh-ins, which had already been reduced to bi-weekly appearances, except for one appearance at the end of the campaign.

According to the website, which is not based on documented donations, the pair has raised $476.29 in pledged donations for every pound they shed.