Finding a snake in the toilet is enough to send shivers down the spines of most people, but Ramdat Punwassie swears he wasn't scared when he found a slithery surprise.

Punwassie made the discovery late Tuesday night while in his seventh-storey apartment at 220 Woolner Ave., near Jane Street and St. Clair Avenue West.

He said he opened his bathroom door and lifted his toilet seat before seeing a python inside.

"When I saw it I called 911," Punwassie told CTV Toronto, claiming he wasn't spooked by the slithering reptile.

Punwassie shut the bathroom door and waited for police to arrive. By then, the snake had moved into the bathtub.

It is the second slithering houseguest recently spotted in the neighbourhood, after a yellow corn snake was captured in the wall of an adjacent home Tuesday morning.

Toronto's animal control has collected both of the snakes.

The corn snake has been taken to Reptillia, a reptile zoo north of Toronto in Vaughan, Ont. The python remains at a north end animal shelter.

While it is not known where the snakes came from, animal control officers believe the creatures were likely pets that escaped from their homes.

"If you own a snake that isn't prohibited or any animal that is allowed in Toronto, you really need to make sure your snake or your pet is confined," said Animal Services manager Mary Lou Leiher.

"It is not allowed to get loose and scare people, or cause a nuisance to your neighbours."

With files from CTV Toronto's Ashley Rowe