A new study suggests Toronto is one of the most reputable places in the world, with the city finishing in second place in a ranking of 100 major cities.

Sydney, Australia has the world’s best reputation, according to a list compiled by the Reputation Institute, a private consulting firm with global headquarters in New York and Copenhagen.

The ranking is based on feedback provided by more than 22,000 residents of G8 countries, who filled out online surveys last January and February.

Respondents were quizzed on levels of trust, esteem, admiration and respect, and perceptions on attributes such as financial stability, safety, beauty and cleanliness, entertainment and dining, standards of living, and effective government.

Sydney and Toronto were followed by Stockholm, Vienna and Venice. Rounding out the top 10 were Florence, Edinburgh, Zurich, London and Copenhagen.

Vancouver was last year’s No. 1 but finished 14th in this year’s poll. Montreal came in at No. 18. The top U.S. city was New York, which finished in 21st spot.

According to the study, Baghdad has the worst reputation out of the 100 ranked cities, followed by Tehran and Karachi.