A Toronto home renovation company that closed its doors without warning and without completing work has left at least seven homeowners out tens of thousands of dollars, CTV News Toronto has learned.

Amanda McKinnie said she paid the contractor a $64,000 deposit to renovate her mother’s home.

McKinnie, along with some friends and family, conducted the demolition. After McKinnie paid the deposit to the contractor, she said she found out the company had gone out of business.

She has been unable to contact the company to find out what happened.

“Now, (I have) cash-flow problems because I’ve given away $64,000 to somebody,” McKinnie said. “I’m still paying tax on the property. I can’t sell it. I can’t rent it. And now I have no contractor. So, I’m left with a shell of a house.”

McKinnie noted other customers on the company’s Facebook page also complained about incomplete jobs.

“It’s not just me that was affected,” she said. “We’re talking about dozens and dozens of people who are affected.”

In addition to the seven customers who contacted CTV News Toronto, three former employees also said the company closed without paying them.

CTV News Toronto tried to contact the president of the company “3 Day Reno,” Andre Marcon, but his phone mailbox was full. There were no responses to email requests for an interview.

The company’s website has now been taken down. The unit listed as the address for the company’s headquarters is also empty.

-With files from CTV News Toronto's Pat Foran