A Toronto couple has 27 million reasons to celebrate after winning one of the biggest Super 7 jackpots ever.

On Monday, still in shock after their $27-million dollar win, Liz and Doug Kinsman decided to spend a small portion of their prize money on a new BMW.

The couple said they didn't really push too hard for a better price.

"He said he'd take four thousand off, and I said fine," Doug Kinsman told CTV Toronto.

Liz Kinsman, who works in an insurance office, said the win still doesn't feel real.

She said she'll be going back to work Tuesday.

Doug Kinsman, a real estate agent operating in Muskoka, said he'll also be keeping his job.

"I love real estate, especially Muskoka real estate, lakefront properties, getting out in the boat in the sunshine, it's pretty good you know," he said.

The couple says they don't need a lot of new material possessions and that the money will help make things better for their kids.

Doug Kinsman said even $1 million would have been enough.

The jackpot is the 10th largest since the Super 7 lottery began in 1994.

With a report from CTV Toronto's Austin Delaney