TORONTO -- A Toronto couple didn’t let the COVID-19 pandemic stop them from celebrating their special day.

Lina Marie and Mihai Miclea got engaged in September 2018 and were looking forward to their big day on March 28, 2020.

But as the deadly pandemic spread and restrictions on gatherings tightened, they were forced to alter their plans for the altar.

“We knew it’s the right thing to do obviously, that we couldn’t go through with the wedding,” newlywed Miclea told CTV News Toronto. “So we were ok with that decision.”

“But you only have kind of two options, which is either you get mad and you hate everything or you enjoy everything and make the most of it.”

The couple chose to go ahead with the wedding anyway—with their own COVID-19 themed twist.

Their officiant agreed to marry the 27-year-olds in their one bedroom Toronto condo, with only their parents as witnesses. The rest of the 60 or so guests dialed in over a group videoconferencing app.

Marie didn’t wear the dress she’d bought, but says the online ceremony didn’t make a difference when it came to delivering her vows.

“I honestly was only really focussing in on him. And I don’t think it would have felt any different if we were in our reception and going through our entire wedding we had planned,” she said.

Lina Marie and Mihai Miclea

They even toasted each of their guests and took pictures with each of them from the shot of the streaming service on their big screen television.

After the ceremony some of the couple’s friends surprised them by driving by their building and popping champagne, waving and holding up signs congratulating them. As they watched from their balcony, they were both clearly touched by how their friends went the distance to make the day even more special.

“At 9 p.m. we actually had a mini reception where everybody had a bunch of drinks, and kind of kept it like a real wedding via TV,” Miclea said.

The couple is still planning to hold their 250-guest reception in late September. And while some people may be upset at having to significantly change their wedding day, the couple is keeping everything in perspective.

“Now everything else just doesn’t matter as much. I don’t care now if things don’t go exactly how they’re supposed to be on September 25, because things did not go the way they were supposed to go yesterday,” Marie said. “And we made it through and had a great time, and we’re married and that’s what matters, and that’s what we’re happy about.”

They’ve both been working from home for a couple of weeks, and say they’re getting along really well, despite the cozy confines of a one bedroom condo.

“I guess you could say we made the best out of a different situation,” Miclea said. “We’re very grateful for it.”