A Toronto police officer who bought a shirt and tie for a shoplifter who needed the outfit for an interview says a company has come forward to offer the young man more clothing.

Const. Niran Jeyanesan told CP24 that he and his partner were called to a Walmart on Jane Street for a reported theft on Sunday night.

When Jeyanesan arrived, a loss prevention officer at the store had apprehended an 18-year-old man for stealing a dress shirt, tie and socks.

The officers later learned that the man needed the outfit for an upcoming job interview and didn’t have the money to buy it.

“He did mention that he had gone through some tough times in life. His father was sick… and they as a family were suffering with that,” Jeyanesan told CP24 Tuesday.

“I spoke to the detectives and everyone was in agreeance that… this individual deserved a second chance.”

Jeyanesan paid for the clothes out of his own pocket and members of 31 Division gave them to the man after he was released without charge.

“I did pass on my cellphone number to him to let me know how the interview went,” the constable said.

Editors note: Jeyanesan had previously told CP24 that a company had offered to hire the man but police later said that the constable was wrongly given that information and was mistaken.