One Toronto bar is using unique coasters to share a strong message on this St. Patrick’s Day.

On Friday, whisky bar Emmet Ray in the area of College Street West and Dovercourt Road put out coasters made out of destroyed vehicles to remind those celebrating the holiday to not drink and drive.

The coasters say, “this coaster used to be a car that car never made it home.”

The campaign comes from Arrive Alive Drive Sober and marketing agency Rethink Canada.

Program director at Arrive Alive Drive Sober Michael Stewart told CTV News Toronto on Friday that the coasters were made out of parts of vehicles that were involved in drinking and driving crashes.

Stewart said he hopes the campaign will get people talking about getting behind the wheel while intoxicated.

“It’s something that people can actually feel and experience and then while they’re having their beer or whatever drink that is on there it gets them thinking and hopefully has them having a discussion as well,” he said.

The owner of Emmet Ray, Andrew Kaiser told CTV News Toronto that he hopes people take this message home with them at the end of the night.

“It’s amazing actually – I think it’s solid,” Kaiser said. “I think people can bring them home even and be a constant reminder of the scare of drinking and driving.”

The coasters are making their first appearance this weekend in Toronto, but they were made in Vancouver.

Arrive Alive Drive Sober hopes that the campaign spreads across Toronto and eventually, the country.