Eager parents seeking to register their children in Toronto’s upcoming recreational programs spent their weekend standing in line -- some as early as 2 a.m. -- in the hopes of securing a much-coveted spot.

Registration for the fall and winter activities offered by the City of Toronto's Parks and Recreation opened at 7 a.m. on Saturday morning in the Etobicoke and Scarborough districts, offering up for grabs a limited number of positions in popular programs such as swimming, skating and pre-school. North York registration will open on Sept. 10, and Toronto and East York District on Sept. 11.

"If you want the times and the programs, you have to be here," an Etobicoke father told CTV Toronto.

According to the city, more than half of the registrations happen on the first day and many of those occur within the first hour.

Jess Whyte, of bunchfamily.ca, says it is possible to avoid the long line-ups by registering online but parents should make sure they have all their registration numbers and course codes ready.

"You have to sort of watch your clock and then at the exact moment that it ticks over (to 7 a.m.), then that's when you want to click register," Whyte said.

Whyte, a mother of two, also recommended that parents have an A-list and B-list, in case their first choices are unavailable.

Toronto's Parks and Recreation offers a wide variety of programs including dance, crafts, music lessons, golf, and yoga.

For a full listing of programs in your area visit the City of Toronto's webpage.