TORONTO -- Toronto is set to experience a significant amount of rainfall from Tuesday evening through to Thursday morning.

According to Environment Canada, some areas of the city could see up to 75mm of rain by early Thursday morning, with most of the city expecting 50 to 60 mm during this time.

Thunderstorms have also been forecasted, beginning on Tuesday evening and continuing until “at least” Wednesday night.

The heavy downpours could cause flash flooding and water pooling, says Environment Canada, adding that “localized flooding in low-lying areas is possible.”

According to Environment Canada, the rainfall will be brought on by a cold front and a moisture-laden low-pressure system coming from the American Mid-west. This front is seeing most of western Ontario under significant rainfall warnings. ​

Ahead of the downpour, Toronto Hydro is asking residents to prepare for power outages. 

“With heavy rain expected tonight, it's important to be prepared for possible outages ... Ensure your phone is fully charged/switch to battery-saving mode in case of a power outage,” they said.

The City of Toronto is also warning residents about the possibility of basement flooding.

“During heavy rain, the sewers can become overloaded. It is essential that homeowners take steps to help protect their home from basement flooding,” the city says.