TTC riders will soon be able to make multiple stops over a two-hour period to run errands around the city and be able to get back on a streetcar, subway, or bus without having to pay an additional fare.

New time-based fares, which were approved by the TTC board last November, will come into effect on Aug. 26.

The hop-on, hop-off system is only available to PRESTO card users and will give riders a two-hour window to stop at any location and get back on the TTC without having to pay again.

During the two-hour time frame, customers can switch directions at any point in their journey.

The change is estimated to cost $11.1 million to implement for the remainder of 2018 and will cost about $21 million per year going forward.

Speaking to reporters at the East York Town Centre on Monday morning, Mayor John Tory said the move will make the TTC “more convenient” and “more affordable.”

“Think about how this will help people to go shopping, to do errands, to pick up their kids without having to pay again,” Tory said.

“It gives people flexibility. It gives them options. It gives them choice at no further expense to them. It will be good for people but it will also be good for business.”

To validate the transfer on the card, PRESTO customers should tap their card each time they enter a subway station or board a bus or streetcar.

Presto is now available on all streetcars, buses, and at every subway across Toronto.