Wednesday marks the tragic three-year anniversary of a plane crash near Pelee Island that killed all 10 people on board.

The small Cessna plunged into the icy waters of Lake Erie on Jan. 17, 2004, killing eight Ontario hunters, pilot Wayne Price and his L.A.-based wife.

The Transportation Safety Board's final report on the crash issued last April said the aircraft was significantly overloaded and hindered by ice.

The report says the plane was overburdened by at least 15 per cent. An initial investigation found the craft was overweight by 576 kilograms.

The board says the Cessna's surfaces were laden with ice, and two passengers had pointed out ice on the wing to Price, but he proceeded with the flight.

Relatives of the victims have filed several multimillion-dollar lawsuits.

No ceremonies have been planned to mark the anniversary.