Toronto trick-or-treating will go ahead Thursday night under soggy skies, despite a move by some Quebec cities to postpone Halloween due to the wet weather.

“I remember it being cold and damp many times,” Mayor John Tory said Thursday. “And I think that’s part of it.”

“Everybody will be none the worse for wear.”

Montreal and some surrounding towns have decided to reschedule their haunted evening to Friday night, due the threat of significant rainfall and high winds.

And some Toronto city hall visitors said they understood the decision.

“I used to live in Montreal for five years, so I’m really sympathetic, it does get more flooded than Toronto,” one man said.

“I think it’s a great idea to postpone it,” another woman said, who pointed out that some parents would prefer to not stand outside in the rain while their kids moved door-to-door.

An online survey conducted by Research Co. found that 41 per cent of Canadians liked the idea of moving Halloween to the last Saturday of October, including 40 per cent of Ontarians.

“Younger Canadians are likely to say, ‘yes, I have a kid at home, I don’t want to go to bed super late and have to worry about working the next day,’” Research Co. president Mario Canseco said. “Middle-aged Canadians and older Canadians say, ‘let’s continue to enjoy ourselves in the middle of the week.’”

Outside City Hall, some visitors insisted that Toronto was making the right choice by keeping Halloween - on Halloween.

“It should be on the 31st, apart from everything else it’s a good excuse for children to be out late on a school night,” one woman laughed.

“The kids will dry out, they’re not going dissolve, it’s just rain!” another man chuckled.