A taxi driver who was robbed at gunpoint says he was called to the location of the attack, CTV News Toronto has learned.

The driver was working for Beck Taxi in the Beaches area when he was approached by a suspect with a long gun, according to police. He was then robbed.

A string of similar incidents involving one or two masked suspects armed with a gun took place in the area between April 8 to April 10, investigators said.

The suspects targeted a pizza delivery man, as well as another taxi driver. None of the workers were injured during the robberies.

“A long gun itself is shocking but that you would put a gun to a person who is simply at work doing a job, not likely carrying any cash…” said Beck Taxi operations manager Kristine Hubbard.

The incidents all occurred in the early morning hours, which, according to cab drivers, is one of the most dangerous times. With new regulations for transportation companies underway, Hubbard is worried that safety features, such as in-cab cameras, will be eliminated.

“These cameras are vital and I would suggest that they are very much going to be looking at the possibility of removing those in taxis because Uber is not interested in that regulation,” she added.

Another cab driver who works for Beck recalled a time when he was robbed on the job.

“Very scary, you know? It’s a life threat,” said Abdul Qadeer Khokher.

“He tried to punch me…I opened the door, came outside. He came behind me.”

On Thursday, police were called to the Waverley Road and Norway Avenues area, around midnight for reports of a suspicious man going through vehicles.

Officers arrested two teenagers after a short chase.

Police have identified two suspects as Samuel Wincenty and Emma Young, both 18. They are now facing a combined 44 charges, including robbery with a firearm.