Parents can now access information about what repairs need to be done to TDSB schools after a CTV Toronto investigation.

In January, CTV Toronto was the first to report that about one third of Toronto’s public schools were listed in critical condition -- and now the information is available online.

“That’s why we decided to post each and every repair needed on all schools on the school website so people get an idea of what’s going on inside doors,” said Toronto District School Board spokesperson Ryan Bird.

Each school is rated by the province and given a certain ranking calculated as a percentage, called a Facility Condition Index.

This is the total value of replacement costs compared to the total value of replacing the entire building. Anything above 65 per cent is deemed critical.

There are currently 200 schools at the Toronto District School Board that are in critical condition.

Problems include aging boilers, bathrooms and equipment.

Fix Our Schools, a grassroots group, said the problems are affecting students, who will be going back to school in two weeks.

Speaking to CTV Toronto Monday, group co-founder Krista Wylie said, “Temperatures are too high, too low,” adding that these conditions can have a negative impact on a student’s health.

The TDSB has a $3.4 billion repair backlog and they have estimated it could rise to $4.7 billion by 2018. The province poured in millions for school repairs this year, but groups like Fix Our Schools say after years of underfunding, much more is needed.

It was previously announced that the TDSB will be receiving $257 million from the province this year to address the repair backlog.

The province said it hopes to have the FCI rating online for every school board, not only Toronto.

With files from Naomi Parness