A third-party has been brought in to investigate a number of alleged improprieties committed by staff and vendors responsible for maintenance at Toronto Community Housing buildings.

In a letter released Wednesday morning, Toronto Community Housing Corporation President and CEO Eugene Jones said he ordered the formal review after receiving an anonymous tip in December.

In his letter, Jones said that he has heard stories about employees “cutting corners,” putting off small repairs until much more expensive repairs are needed and doing “shoddy work” that has to be redone multiple times.

“If the investigation finds evidence of wrongdoing, I will take action,” Jones said in the letter. “Employees will face disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal. We will also pursue civil action to recover money involved. And I have instructed the investigators that if there is sufficient evidence of criminal wrongdoing, to prepare a Crown brief that can be turned over to the Toronto police.

“We owe our residents this duty of care,” he continued. “We must assure our residents, as well as taxpayers and our shareholder, that Toronto Community Housing will protect each and every dollar we have, and expend funds correctly and only for their intended purpose.”

Jones said he expects the findings of the review sometime during the second quarter of this year at which point he will bring the information to the board along with an action plan on how to address any issues that identified.

Jones goes on to caution that the potential improprieties were committed by only a small number of employees and vendors.

“Most of our staff work hard every day to serve our residents,” he writes. “They understand that the company cannot hold residents accountable if we don't hold ourselves accountable. I believe this vast majority of employees will welcome and support our investigations.”

Residents and staff with information are asked to contact Jones at (416) 981-4050 or through email at eugene.jonesjr@torontohousing.ca. People can also report information anonymously by calling (877) 993-6744.