Toronto Hydro is painting the town red as they inspect and repair thousands of handwell covers around the city.

Red paint will mark the spot where hydro crews have done their job in ensuring that the metal plates are not electrified by live wires.

The massive initiative comes after several people and pets received an electrical shock after stepping on the handwell covers. The plates cover wiring for electrical equipment and lights in the area.

The red paint is temporary and will wash off in time.

There are about 15,000 handwells around the city. About 600 workers started inspecting the covers Monday and are expected to complete their inspection in the downtown core by the end of the month. It will take a few months until the entire GTA is inspected.

The inspection is expected to cost the city about $15 million.

Toronto Hydro mobilized their entire road crew staff for the project, making it a priority above regular scheduled work.

Last Thursday, five elementary school children reported being shocked in the area around Dundas Street East and Sumach Street. No one was seriously injured.

Since November, two pets have died in the Keele and Annette Streets neighbourhood after stepping on electrified plates.

"Unfortunately the only thing we can do is advise people to be careful," Tanya Bruckmueller, spokesperson for Toronto Hydro, told CTV Toronto Tuesday. "If they're concerned they should definitely step around the manhole or the handwell."

With a report from CTV Toronto's Dana Levenson