TORONTO -- Toronto police say three men suspected in the death of a 38-year-old father who was gunned down in his backyard drove by the man's house to make sure he was there in the moments before the killing.

Surendra Vaithilingam was pronounced dead at the scene at his east-end home on May 29.

Investigators have said he was doing landscape work in the backyard when three men approached, cutting between two houses to get to the yard.

Det.-Sgt. Justin Vanderheyden says he believes the suspects "made a loop, parked the car nearby and committed this murder."

In a news conference Wednesday, he said the men were "sloppy" in carrying out what he called the "brazen" daytime shooting, noting they were captured on several neighbours' security cameras.

Police released four clips that show a dark four-door sedan -- which they say might be a Mazda Protege -- travelling past the house just minutes before Vaithilingam's death.

Last month, they released footage from a neighbour's security camera they say shows three suspects running off moments after the shooting to a car parked nearby.

Police have yet to identify the suspects. Vanderheyden said the driver has brown skin and straight dark hair, and the other two are black.

There's also no word on a possible motive.

"It's difficult to know the source of the conflict that gave rise to this," Vanderheyden said, adding there is nothing in Vaithilingam's background that would put him in harm's way.