Police have released a blurry security camera photo of a suspect in the shooting at a Woodbridge cafe that left two people injured and two dead.

Witnesses said that a man entered Moka Espresso Bar, on Islington Avenue near Highway 7 on Wednesday morning shortly after 8 a.m. He opened fire on the people in the cafe, before getting into a dark-coloured compact car and fleeing the scene, police said.

Maria Voci, 47, and Christopher DeSimone, 24, were killed in the attack. Two other men were rushed to hospital with serious injuries. Police said both men remain in hospital, and one is still in critical condition.

Co-workers told CTV Toronto's John Musselman that one of the injured men is Rocco Di Paola, president and CEO of Rock Anthony Insurance.

Maria Voci, Vaughan shooting victim

Christopher DeSimone

On Thursday morning, police released a photo of a suspect running through a parking lot, and described him as a black man who is approximately 5-foot-10. They said the man was wearing a grey hoodie at the time of the shooting and his face was covered by a mask.

York Regional Police Const. Andy Pattenden said the video showed the man "entered the cafe yesterday morning with a purpose," but did not provide further details. He said officers are still reviewing footage, which they've obtained from multiple sources.

Shooting suspect

They also released a photo of a dark-coloured sedan, which was seen fleeing the scene south on Islington Avenue shortly after the shooting. Pattenden said it appeared to be a four-door vehicle, but have not released a make or model.

Security camera image of vehicle

Earlier on Thursday, officers returned to the crime scene hoping to find witnesses who were in the area at the time.

Police stopped vehicles as they drove by the Islington Avenue and Highway 7 area in hopes that someone saw the shooting, the suspect or the suspect's vehicle. Pattenden said officers were also showing drivers a photo of a pick-up truck, saying that it was a vehicle of interest, and that a photo may be released later in the day.

At this point, police believe they are only looking for one suspect, Pattenden said.

They're also looking for dashboard cameras that may have captured the incident or the suspect's escape.

Anyone with more information is asked to contact police at 1-866-876-5423, ext. 7865, or Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS).