TORONTO -- Sophia Megan’s ‘Love Boxes’ have been brightening the lives of sick children across Ontario for four years now.

“’Love Boxes’ are boxes filled with lots of fun things like books, toys and colouring books,” she told CTV News Toronto. “They’re to cheer up kids in the hospital.”

The 10-year-old from Pickering created ‘The Super Sophia Project’ and her love boxes after receiving treatment for an illness herself at a young age.

“When I was in the hospital fighting leukemia, a custodian gifted me with a pack of stickers,” Megan said. “When I got older, that really changed me because it made me feel like I wanted to help other kids and make them happy.”

The love boxes are made possible with donations, and Megan’s efforts have continued through the pandemic.

Recently, she was given a ‘super’ musical opportunity with a local Latin music artist.

“My first song ‘Horizons’ is with Ekiz Fantazma, and it is just an amazing song,” Megan said. “[Fantazma] was going through some tough times. So he came across us, and then we made a song about never giving up hope.”

‘Horizons’ is now being streamed to help ‘Super Sophia’ spread the love. Artist and Composer Ekiz Fantazma says he learned about Megan’s story on social media and wanted to support her.

“She’s my hero. She really and truly is an inspiring human being,” Fantazma told CTV News Toronto. “I thought, what would be the longest-lasting way to help this child? And I thought, just making a song.”

Fantazma featured Megan’s voice on his track, and he says that every stream of the song will help fund the ‘love boxes.’

“100% of the royalties are going to the Super Sophia Project,” he explained. “It was just the easiest decision to make! And it’s just my way to give her forever.”

Fantazma admits that he and Megan come from different words, but says he was happy to work with her to share a message of hope for kids everywhere.

“I just want them to see that no matter what you go through, you can always turn that negative into a positive,” Fantazma said.

“It makes me feel really good inside,” Megan says of her song, and of helping others.