TTC employees are being credited with saving the life of a woman after she fell off the platform at Dundas West Station just as a train was pulling in.

The incident happened Wednesday afternoon when the driver of the train saw the woman on the tracks and killed the electricity, bringing the train to a stop about five feet from the woman.

Horrified commuters looked on as the incident unfolded.

"The train was coming and the train was honking," said witness Jason Feliz. "Everybody was screaming really loud and trying to get her to get out of there, but she didn't know where she was."

One witness pulled out his cell phone camera and captured an image of the woman crouched on the tracks, just in front of a stopped train car.

"Stay there, don't move from there," a TTC ticket taker yelled at the woman.

The third rail of the tracks still contained an electric charge, which could be enough to electrocute and kill a person if it is touched.

Employees were able to turn off the power. The train driver jumped out of his car and pulled the woman to safety.

TTC spokesperson Brad Ross viewed the video Thursday, saying the TTC employees did everything they should have in that situation.

"There was no warning," Ross said. "She fell accidentally and we're just glad she's OK."

Investigators said they don't know how the woman fell.

She wasn't injured during the incident and declined a trip to the hospital.

With files from CTV Toronto's John Musselman