A student from Northern Secondary School is charged in what may be the first-ever case of a police officer being allegedly assaulted inside a Toronto high school.

A grainy cell phone video posted on YouTube last Friday shows an officer assigned to the Mt. Pleasant Road and Eglinton Avenue East school arresting a teen on suspicion of trespassing.

A student at the school -- who identifies himself as YouTube user "MajorKraze" and claims to be a friend of the accused -- captured the arrest on video and posted it on the popular video hosting service. It has been viewed more than 3,000 times.

The video, called "Student Arrested At Northern Secondary School For No Reason," shows the officer trying to restrain the 16-year-old accused and take him to the principal's office as dozens of other students watch.

During the incident, the officer repeatedly asks the teen, "Put your hands behind your back," while the teen shouts back, "It hurts man," and "I've done nothing wrong."

Toronto District School Board trustee Josh Matlow told CTV Toronto: "This student was calling our police officer names like 'Bacon' and other derogatory names."

He said the officer had been asking the student for identification. The student refused. The officer then said, "'Let's go to the office,'" and the student refused to do that. At that point, the officer began to use force, Matlow said.

Police say the officer sustained minor injuries and confirm they later found that the boy did in fact go to the school.

The student involved will be facing charges of assault and resisting arrest.

Toronto Police spokesperson Const. Wendy Drummond said she could not get into specifics as to how the incident started because it is before the courts.

"The video depicts the officer showing great restraint and patience with the now accused," she told ctvtoronto.ca. "It is an isolated incident. This ... officer has made a great connection with the majority of students and is well liked and received."

Matlow said this was an isolated incident and "this YouTube video just adds fuel to the fire and really doesn't help the situation."

She said the officer has made progress in the school and the force doesn't believe the incident will change that.

There are 50 officers in schools around Toronto, dubbed "Student Resource Officers." The program started in September 2008.

With a report from CTV Toronto's Austin Delaney