A suspect has been arrested in connection to an assault in the city’s west end that left a 22-year-old man in a coma, clinging to life.

Dan MacLeod remains in hospital, kept alive by machines, after being punched in the head more than a week ago.

Police say they responded to a call on June 28 about an altercation that occurred on Dundas Street West near Beaconsfield Avenue.

According to surveillance videos, a man and woman approached MacLeod on the street around 2:30 a.m.

Words were exchanged, and MacLeod was punched in the back of his head. After the punch, MacLeod fell and hit his head on the pavement.

Police are still trying to determine if it was the punch or the fall that caused MacLeod to fall into a coma.

Const. Tony Vella told CTV Toronto that police are still investigating the nature of the argument.

“We’re still looking at what the argument was in regards to. We haven’t had a chance to speak to the victim because he remains in hospital,” he said.

The incident prompted police to release images of the suspect taken from surveillance tapes.

MacLeod’s family also created a website called “Justicefordan.ca,” pleading with witnesses to come forward.

Fabio De Melo, 27, was arrested on Saturday and faces one charge of aggravated assault.

De Melo is scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday. If convicted, he may face up to 14 years in jail.

With a report from CTV Toronto’s Tamara Cherry