Musicians at a Whitchurch-Stoufville pub are still going strong as they attempt to claim the record for the world’s longest live concert.

The Earl of Whitchurch Pub, which began its Guinness World Record attempt on St. Patrick’s Day, was set to break the record Sunday morning but had to extend the concert when they learned about some competition south of the border.

AJ’s Café, a Detroit coffee shop, claims it took the title late last month after 390 hours of continuous music.

Kevin Ker, who is organizing the Earl of Whitchurch attempt, said they did not learn about the Detroit café until after the concert was already underway.

The Whitchurch-Stouffville pub immediately decided to extend the concert as a result.

The previous record set by a Las Vegas pub was 372 hours and 10 minutes and as of Sunday morning, The Earl of Whitchurch surpassed that record.

In order to take the title, bands can only take a 30-second break between songs and when new musicians come to play a set, they are only allowed five minutes for an equipment swap.

There must also be 10 people in the crowd at all times and they must be awake.

While the Ontario pub is still pursuing the record, Ker said it has become “secondary.”

“It started as us challenging ourselves to do something big and difficult and it turned into something beyond our expectations,” Ker told CP24 Sunday.

“We’ve been raising money for charity, 17 different charities. We’re close to $80,000 at last point.”