Environment Canada has ended a severe thunderstorm warning for Toronto, as the same weather system that generated a tornado in Michigan moves over the city.

Extreme weather reached some areas of southern Ontario earlier in the day. A man was injured after he was struck by lighting in Waterloo.

Police said the man was injured but expected to recover from the incident, which occurred in the parking lot of a local Toyota plant.

A second man who reported being close enough to feel the lightning bolt strike was also taken to hospital for observation.

Meanwhile, Environment Canada predicted that the temperature in Toronto would reach a high of 21 C, but it didn't quite get there, topping out at 17 C around 4 p.m.

Toronto's record high for March 15 is 20.9 C, set in 1995.

The low, set in 1993, is -16.5 C.

The Toronto area has experienced a warmer-than-usual winter, highlighted by a week-long stretch of double-digit temperatures.

On Sunday, Toronto's temperature of 17.7 C surpassed the March 11 record of 15.3 C, set in 1977.

The run of good fortune is expected to run into early next week, with sunny days and highs between 17 C and 22 C forecast through next Wednesday.

According to Environment Canada, Toronto typically sees a high of 4 C at this time of year.

With files from Associated Press