One Ontario woman had her dream come true on Thursday when she met John Stamos after the actor and musician responded to her on Twitter and invited her to a concert in Niagara Falls.

Natalie Léger, a second-year student at Ryerson University, received backstage passes to a Beach Boys concert in Niagara Falls, which featured the former "Full House" star playing drums with the 1980s rock band.

"I was in shock. He walked through the door and I almost fell over," Léger told CTV's Canada AM on Friday, on first meeting the star. "He is so nice, so down to earth, so generous and just a normal person."

Léger's journey into the arms of her childhood crush began last week, when she took to Twitter to express her disappointment for missing out on tickets to the Beach Boys concert.

"Freaking out because @JohnStamos comes to Niagara Falls on Thursday and I still don't have tickets for The Beach Boys!!!! HELP!" she wrote.

Stamos, an active user of the social media site, responded moments later with: "BE MY GUEST-2tix at will call."

"My mouth just dropped open and I had to cover my mouth to stop from saying anything," she recalls about receiving the message while sitting in a university lecture. "I had to read it quite a few times to make sure I was reading the right thing."

The Courtice, Ont., native received confirmation later that day that two backstage passes would be left at the concert's will call office; she decided to take her grandmother to the concert.

To cap the night off, Stamos invited Léger onto the stage to help sing the Beach Boys' hit "Barbara Ann."

"I was just the cherry on top of just the perfect day. That was like my dream," she said.