Your next smartphone might not have a headphone jack, charging port or even a speaker.

According to Consumer Reports, smartphone manufacturers are moving away from ports and jacks in favour of wireless technologies.

“The technology already exists,” said Mike Gikas of Consumer Reports.

Within a few years, smartphones may not need openings of any kind.

And Consumer Reports says this has advantages other than being able to go wireless.

“Without ports, smartphones can be slimmer, thinner and better able to resist damage from moisture, dust and other debris,” Gikas said.

There is already a growing selection of affordable, high-quality wireless headphones on the market.

Phones such as the Sharp Aquos Crystal and several models from Kyocera have no headphone jack thanks to technology that uses vibrations to create sound inside the user’s ear.

Consumer Reports says wireless charging will soon eliminate the need for charging ports. The technology works using a pad that users can put their phone onto when the battery needs charging.

Wireless charging is already available on some phones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Motorola Droid Turbo 2.

With a Consumer Alert from Pat Foran