Police say a man they believe was deliberately run over by an SUV may have been murdered because he touched the vehicle with his hand.

They say Christopher Skinner, 27, was trying to hail a cab the night he was killed on Adelaide Street at the corner of Yonge Street.

"He may have intentionally or unintentionally hit the suspect with part of his hand or his body," Det. Stacy Gallant of the Toronto Police Homicide Squad told reporters on Saturday.

"He did have injuries to varying parts of his body...including his hands," said Gallant.

"There is a possibility that some of those bruises are from that."

Skinner was killed in the early hours of Oct. 18, as he walked alone in the downtown core after a night of celebrating his sister's birthday.

Showing surveillance video clips to reporters gathered at police headquarters, Gallant described what police believe happened that night.

The clips show Skinner, with his back to the camera, standing on a sidewalk trying to hail a cab around 3 a.m. About four minutes later, he walks out of view, and police say that is when the confrontation with the suspects began.

He said people in traffic behind the suspect SUV may be potential witnesses and he hopes they come forward.

"Possibly what the people would've seen is occupants going up to the vehicle, maybe to survey the damage, and that's when Mr. Skinner walked up," he said.

They hope the new video, in conjunction with video they released earlier this week of a black SUV going eastbound on Adelaide Street at Bay Street, may convince witnesses to come forward. Gallant said investigators are showing the video to the FBI for help.

Police said earlier this week there were up to three other occupants of the vehicle besides the driver.

The suspects allegedly got out, beat Skinner, left him lying on the ground, and then ran him over. Police have evidence to believe the driver's actions may have been deliberate.

The vehicle was last seen heading eastbound on Adelaide. Skinner died in hospital of his injuries.

Gallant had earlier released a general description of the driver -- male, light skin, wearing a black tank top and a short-military-style haircut.

Skinner, who had hoped to go to law school and marry his fiance next summer, was buried Thursday afternoon.