TORONTO - Police have laid 546 charges against six men after guns were stolen from the apartment of a lawyer and shooting enthusiast in downtown Toronto during a break-in last month.

Toronto police said Wednesday an Uzi sub-machine gun and 10 handguns were recovered as officers from Toronto and Peel region conducted searches last week.

Police also seized a pistol unrelated to their break-and-enter investigation.

Dwight Longmore, 21, of Brampton and Calvin Clarke, 24, of Toronto, are charged with break and enter and various weapons offences.

Desmond Espeut, 23, of Innisfil, Robert Thelwell, 29, of Brampton, Fortunato Zappone, 32 and Steven Hunter, 24, both of Toronto are charged with various weapons offences.

Police say about 30 guns were stolen from the fourth-floor apartment of lawyer and avid gun collector Calvin Martin while he was in hospital in February.

Officers seized about 170 firearms and some ammunition from his residence for safekeeping following the robbery.

At the time of the break-in, Supt. John Tanouye said all of the guns were legally owned and stored and Martin -- a past director of the Ontario Handgun Association -- had permits for all of the weapons.

The guns and ammo were stored in a locked room but the thieves broke into the safes.