The City of Toronto has racked up more than $35,000 in sales in its online auction of old street signs.

Senior Communications Co-ordinator Bruce Hawkins told CTV that one of the Yonge Street signs, autographed by Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, sold for $3,210.

A Queen Street East sign sold for $885 and a Bay Street sign sold for $805, both signed by the mayor.

Ford signed a total of 16 signs which sold for a total of $11,435

Since the online auction began on April 28, the city has made $35,450 on the sale of about 100 signs, Hawkins said. Bidding for each sign started at $30, but Hawkins said most of the signs sold for more than $100.

The auction is still on, with about 20 signs up for grabs each week, but no more will be signed by the mayor.

City council voted 36-5 in favour of banning Ford from signing them after the first batch sold at the end of April.