Investigators have removed a second vehicle from the York Mills home of Honey and Barry Sherman as they continue to investigate the couple’s sudden death.

Video from the scene Monday showed a silver Ford Mustang being towed away by police. It’s the second vehicle that police have removed from the home so far. Last month police towed away an SUV from the home.

CP24 Crime Specialist Steve Ryan said it’s likely that the vehicle is being removed now to be further inspected out of an effort to be completely thorough in the investigation.

“I think the investigators are doing their due diligence,” Ryan said. “That vehicle that was taken from the home – that would not be the first time that they’ve gone through that car. That vehicle was at the home since the initial stages of the investigation – somebody would have searched that vehicle because it may have had the keys to this entire mystery.

“The fact that they’re taking it now, it just suggests that they’re going to make sure the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed. They’ll examine it forensically. Perhaps they just didn‘t have enough room in the forensics base and that’s why they’re taking it out now.”

The billionaire philanthropists were found hanging from the rail near their indoor pool last month and police have deemed their deaths suspicious. Police have said there were no signs of forced entry and that they are not looking for any suspects.

The Sherman family has angrily rejected suggestions that the couple died in a murder-suicide and have hired a former homicide detective to conduct a private investigation into the couple’s deaths.

Ryan said the amount of scrutiny on the investigation is likely driving police to sift through every possible piece of evidence before making any conclusions on the case.

“Imagine the tremendous amount of pressure that those investigators are under,” said Ryan, a former homicide detective. “They know that the moment they release the house back to the family, that it’s going to be turned over to a bunch of private investigators with their own forensic teams. So they want to make sure they haven’t missed anything.”

Police have been tight-lipped about the investigation since the family issued a statement slamming information leaks to the media about the case.