A Scarborough man says it’s been a year and a half since he signed a contract to get new stone work for his home and a new retaining wall for his back yard.

Braham Kapal says he signed a contract in April 2018 for $13,000 worth of work.

Within two weeks, Kapal said he was told the contractor needed $7,500 to buy materials.

“He wanted it as cash. He said it would allow him to get the materials cheaper, so he said cash was what he needed.”

Kapal said that after the contractor got the money, he would make excuses and not return to do the work.

“He doesn't give me his address. I just have his phone number and nothing else,” Kapal said.

While the contractor did some work removing dirt and getting the side of home ready for stones to be laid, Kapal said his home remains a mess. His basement developed a leak and all the projects are at a standstill.

“He has wasted one year of my life, he has spoiled my property and taken my money."

When Kapal told the contractor he contacted CTV News Toronto, he told him he would try to come back before the end of the summer and finish the work. Kapal said he did come back to deliver materials and lay stonework on the side of his home, but says much more needs to be done. He will have to hire someone else to complete it.

Kapal said that in the future he will not pay in advance when having landscaping or home renovations done.

“When I look back I should not have paid him money. I should only have paid him when the work was done."

According to Consumer Protection Ontario, consumers should not for materials in advance. Instead, keep the down payment to a maximum of 10 per cent and have a contract detailing what the work to be done. Always avoid paying in cash and never pay the full amount until the work is completed.

Consumer reports also warn against companies that knock on your door saying they're doing business in the neighbourhood and can offer you a "good deal.”