A Scarborough city councillor’s motion to adopt a no-kill policy for coyotes found within city limits is expected to be discussed today.

In a letter sent to the municipal licensing and standards committee on Monday, Coun. Glenn De Baeremaeker said residents have misplaced fears of the wild animals and recent requests to trap or shoot coyotes have been "ill-advised."

According to De Baeremaeker, coyotes rarely pose a threat to people.

“In the last two years, there have been zero occurrences of coyotes biting people,” he writes, adding that the last report of such an attack in Toronto was over a decade ago and involved a “three-legged coyote (his other leg was dangling from his body) that had been [fed] a boiled chicken daily by a local resident.”

De Baeremaeker wants committee staff to report back on a no-kill policy for Toronto’s animal services staff, a clear protocol for emergency responders, a ban on feeding the wild animal within city limits, and a public education campaign regarding “living in harmony with coyotes.”

Last month, Toronto police shot a coyote roaming in the Sackville and Carlton Streets area. Const. Wendy Drummond told CTVNews.ca the large animal was spotted in the neighbourhood numerous times and was acting in an aggressive manner in search of food.

The coyote killing prompted the Toronto Wildlife Centre to condemn the shootings. The TWC said people have “unrealistic” fears of coyotes.

According to Toronto Animal Services, coyotes are a normal part of the city's wildlife, but have been more active this year due to what has been a mild winter.