There is only one Rob Ford. But the embattled mayor has a few Canadian lookalikes, and some of them were in Toronto on Monday.

Dressed in suits and ties, amateur and professional stage actors -- some bearing an uncanny resemblance to the Toronto mayor -- put on their best Ford impersonations at an open casting call for a new show, "Rob Ford The Musical: The Birth of a Ford Nation."

Described as a comical stage show, its creators say the musical will "show different sides" of Ford's story, much of which has been played out in headlines and news stories around the world since he admitted to using crack cocaine last fall.

"Rob Ford is sometimes portrayed as just a two-dimensional character, but he is a full three-dimensional character," Anthony Bastianon, who is writing the music for the show, told The Canadian Press. "He has a lot of sides to him. What we’re trying to do in the show is show different sides of the whole story."

But despite the show's apparent well-rounded take on Ford's life, many hopeful stars on Monday eagerly enacted some of the mayor's more controversial public behaviours at the audition.

"I got myself a flask here, and a crack pipe," Ottawa-based actor Geoff Stone told CTV Toronto, speaking outside the Second City Training Centre before his audition. He performed an original song "Drunken Stupor" for the casting team.

Others, however, chose to showcase their talent with more popular songs. Toronto performer Travis Hay performed his own rendition of Amy Winehouse's "Rehab."

Co-writer of the musical, Brett McCaig, explained to CTV Toronto what his team is looking for in a Ford doppelganger.

"We're looking for a guy who looks like Rob Ford in stature, in style, but he has to be able to sing. And we're looking for someone extremely funny," he said.

Although the show is set to hit the stage at Toronto's historic Factory Theatre in mid-September, the creators of the musical say they've left the last few pages of the script blank.

The writers say they are waiting to see what happens to the real Ford for when he leaves rehab.

Ford is currently undergoing treatment for substance abuse at GreenStone rehab facility in Bala, Ont., where he is expected to remain until June 30.

With a report from CTV Toronto's Natalie Johnson and The Canadian Press