A resident of The Beach has painted their own parking spots on a local street known for overcrowding.

The painted white lines on the pavement establish two distinct parking lots on Balsam Avenue, a road that leads to a dead end at Kew Balmy Beach. Residents in the area say parking is sparse and that the place where the lines are drawn is usually taken by a single vehicle when two could fit.

They say the white lines are probably meant to remind drivers to share the road and leave space for two vehicles.

“Parking is at an absolute minimum around here so you really to have cruise up and down to find a spot,” said Jean Waller.

Waller often parks on this street to access the nearby Balmy Beach Club where her husband lawn bowls.

The inconvenience of limited street parking is even greater for those like Titi, who lives on the street and pays for a parking permit.

“I think it’s brilliant,” she said. “You have to keep going around in circles (to find a spot). And you pay for this every month and you still can’t find a space.”

No one seems to be entirely sure who painted these parking spots and if anyone does know, they aren’t telling.

The lines are relatively straight and they very closely resemble the outlines painted by the city on busier roads, but City of Toronto spokesperson Brad Ross says these lines are not city-sanctioned.

“From the city’s perspective, those lines will be removed at some point,” Ross said. “Residents are not permitted to paint lines on roadways. They could be subject to a $200 fine.”

Ross did not provide a timeline for when the lines will be erased, but he encouraged residents who are concerned with parking in this area to get in touch with the city directly, either by calling 311 or by reaching out directly to parking enforcement.