TORONTO -- A daring raccoon is braving new heights after scaling a downtown crane on Monday morning.

The animal was first spotted climbing the structure near Peter and Adelaide streets at around 6:30 a.m.

All nearby eyes are on the sky as concerned residents have been tweeting throughout the day about the raccoon’s stunt.

Toronto Fire has been alerted about the raccoon’s risky adventure but said they typically don’t respond to animal calls.

Toronto Animal Services attended the scene to assess the situation.

City spokesperson Brad Ross said Animal Services cleared the scene as they don't have the ability to perform a rescue.

Ross said the Toronto Wildlife Centre advised the city to leave the raccoon alone because trying to rescue it might scare the raccoon, causing it to jump or fall.

Officials have placed a trap inside the cab of the crane in hopes that when the animal comes down it will get trapped and then Toronto Wildlife can relocate it, Ross said.

Meanwhile, construction workers have also been trying to lure the animal down by hoisting up a cage filled with food halfway up the crane.

They said they’re hopeful the food will entice the raccoon to crawl back down.

The construction workers told CP24 that this isn't the first time a raccoon has climbed and got stuck on a crane.