Toronto Animal Services has seized 23 dogs and 14 puppies from a suspect accused of tossing a three-month-old puppy in a garbage can.

The animal cruelty investigation began when a passerby located a three-month-old puppy in a plastic bag inside a garbage can at the Lawrence Square Shopping Centre on July 11.

Police were called and investigated by looking at surveillance video in the area. They found footage of a man holding a dark bag, and as he approached the northwest doors of the shopping centre on Dane Avenue, he can be seen putting the bag inside a garbage can before entering the building.

He then walked inside the shopping centre making a few stops before leaving through the same doors.

A passerby told police he heard yelps coming from inside the garbage can. He then opened the plastic bag to find the puppy inside.

The puppy was then taken to a veterinarian for examination and was later adopted.

A Toronto Animal Services employee recognized the man, helping police identify a suspect.

On Thursday afternoon, a suspect surrendered to police at 32 Division.

Police have charged the man with willfully causing unnecessary pain/suffering or injury to an animal or bird and willfully neglecting an animal or bird while in custody.

The investigation led Toronto Animal Services to issue various search warrants. As a result, more than 30 dogs were reportedly seized from a property belonging to the accused.

All of the dogs seized in this investigation were found to be in good health and are being taken care of by Toronto Animal Services, officials said.

Furthermore, Toronto police are warning people to be cautious when adopting pets.

“Residents should be advised to use a reputable source to either find a dog for their family or find an alternative home for their pet, if required,” the news release said. “There are many reputable organizations and services that have pets available.”

As well, police are reminding people to contact 311 if you are aware of someone keeping animals in unsafe conditions.

A suspect identified as Toronto-resident Quang (Andrew) Tieu, 35, is scheduled to appear in court on August 24 to face charges in connection with this case.