Students from a Mississauga high school reached out and touched the Prime Minister's Office today, and are claiming that the PMO touched back.

Students from Woodland School called en masse as part of a demonstration, aimed at urging Stephen Harper to attend the UN Climate conference in December, which will be held in Copenhagen.

It appears their message was getting through a little too well.

The school's office manager, Gurpreet Bassi, says someone identifying themself as being from the PMO called urging her to "please have (the) students stop calling -- they are jamming up the switchboard."

The caller continued to inform her that they had "other important issues that could fall behind because these kids are calling and for the principal to go on the P.A. system and please don't make any more phone calls."

The call promptly put an end to the school's efforts, leaving organizers hoping that their message got through.

"We would be the people making decisions that are really going to affect greenhouse gas emissions," said Woodland student Karen Williams, the rally's organizer. "I think our voices should matter."

Meanwhile, PMO officials are looking into whether or not the students calls did, in fact, prompt a return dialing. They said that such a response from their office would be unprecedented.