Progressive Conservative MPP Amy Fee has been charged in connection with two alleged assaults that took place during domestic incidents at her Kitchener home, CTV News has learned.

Fee, a first-time MPP from Kitchener South-Hespler, was arrested by Waterloo Regional Police on Oct. 8 and charged with two counts of assault with the use of a weapon, in two separate incidents.

According to court documents obtained by CTV News, Fee is accused of using a “cell phone” as a weapon on Sept. 6 and a “box lid” as a weapon on Oct.5.

The victim, according to court records, is Stephen Craig Fee who CTV News has confirmed is Amy Fee’s husband.

In a statement, Fee said she will “work with any investigative authorities,” but did not acknowledge the charges directly.

“There’s no question the last year has been a year of tremendous personal struggle. I have been seeking professional counseling and embracing an opportunity to start a fresh life, focusing on my children, my family and of course, my constituency,” Fee said in the statement.

A source with knowledge of the situation told CTV News the couple is in the midst of a divorce and the charges stem out of multiple arguments.

Fee was attempting to leave her house on both occasions when the alleged assaults took place, the source said, who was granted anonymity to speak freely about a sensitive family matter.

The source also told CTV News that Fee then “self-hospitalized” for 72 hours after the incident.

“She was hospitalized for a couple of days from the resulting trauma.”

Stephen Craig Fee, a radio DJ in the Kitchener area, has not responded to messages from CTV News.

Fee's lawyer, Brennan Smart, said that when the October incident happened, police interviewed Fee and found no grounds to arrest her.

Smart said that officials allowed her to leave the residence with the children. He said "that was going to be the end of the matter."

"For some reason, the Waterloo Regional Police changed their mind, came and arrested Amy Fee for the incident that occurred on the Saturday night," he said.

"(Fee) vehemently denies any allegation of wrongdoing, there will be no plea of guilt. We will resolve this matter, and hopefully allow the matter to be resolved in the family court, because that's where it belongs."

Despite the charges, Fee said she will continue to serve as MPP — a move that’s being supported by Premier Doug Ford’s government.

“Amy Fee is a very important member of our team. We support her and will continue to support her through this difficult time,” said Government House Leader Paul Calandra in a statement to CTV News.

Fee serves as the Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Children's Services, playing a critical role in the autism file.

While Fee has not entered a plea, she is expected to appear in court again Nov. 7. None of the allegations have been proven in court.