TORONTO -- A Scarborough favourite for over 40 years is now faced with permanent closure after learning that the property has been sold to developers.

The developers are planning to demolish the small plaza near Pharmacy and Finch avenues that holds Agincourt Bakery, as well as the only laundromat, walkable pharmacy and grocery store in the area.

Bakery owner Rocco Romagnuolo has mixed emotions.

“It’s very hard to digest, we never thought it would happen, this is the second and third generation in the store.”

His mother Dora chokes back tears as she thinks about what comes next, not only for her, but for the customers who have supported them for decades.

“It breaks my heart, we have such good customers. We gonna find another place, we gonna be okay.”

Olivia Correia has been a customer for over 30 years.

“It’s like family to me, they have the best of everything, fresh everyday, since I got married in 79, this is the only bakery I come to.”

Sam Scott has been coming to this bakery for the past four years.

“I love it, foods great, deserts are great, people are honest and helpful.”

The new plan is to demolish the plaza and build approximately 14 new townhomes.

Many of the locals depend on walking to the bakery, and also stopping in at the pharmacy, laundromat , convenience store, and dry cleaner in the same plaza.

“This is wrong. It’s where we come to buy our stuff. I do my shopping here, if they take it away, I won’t have any place to shop, and I don’t drive, only walk. “

Olivia says it’s a slap in the face to all who live and support this community.

“I’m very disappointed that this plaza is closing, this is a community of families, why do we need another building for homes, when we need people to get food and bread, and get to the doctor and pharmacy close to where we live.”

For now, Rocco and his family are hopeful to find another location in Scarborough, where they have established their roots in the community and have a loyal customer base.

A petition is also underway to save the plaza.