Police are warning people to keep a close eye on their kids and pets after a dog was attacked by two coyotes in Scarborough.

Patricia Hornyak said she fought off two coyotes after they bit her Labrador, Choco, in the ears and leg.

"I grabbed a big stick and waved it at them and yelled at them to go away, so they went back into the bush," she said.

The attack happened Saturday on the Doris McCarthy Trail near Bluffer's Park in the Brimley Road and Kingston Road area.

Toronto Police Sgt. Jeremy Hayes says officers spotted coyotes darting back and forth throughout the nearby ravine Sunday.

"We want all parents to keep a close watch on their kids in the area," he said.

He said the number of coyote attacks in the city is increasing.

Last February, a number of coyote sightings in the Beaches sparked fear after residents said a coyote killed their Chihuahua.

The city spent thousands of dollars trying to trap that coyote with no luck.