Ontario Provincial Police say the driver of an SUV is “lucky to be alive” after a set of wheels, which came off a transport truck that was driving along Highway 400 Wednesday afternoon, smashed into their windshield.

According to OPP Kerry Schmidt, the truck was driving alongside the SUV in the southbound lanes of Highway 400, near Highway 9, around 2 p.m. when the incident occurred.

Schmidt said that the dual wheels along with the brake drum became dislodged from the vehicle. The wheels bounced across the lane and slammed into the SUV.

“Fortunately it was on the passenger side and he (the driver) was the lone occupant. He was able to get the vehicle off the highway safely and there were no injuries but it was a pretty frightening situation.”

The driver was “visibly shaken,” Schmidt said, but was uninjured.

“He really needs to count his blessings because it could have been a much different situation for him,” he said.

Police are investigating the incident to determine how the wheels and brake drum became detached from the transport truck. Schmidt said there is a possibility that charges may be laid if investigators find the wheels were not secured properly.