Toronto Police say two vehicles "lay in wait" for Yousuf Sulub before gunmen opened fire on him last Friday, killing him and wounding another man in the leg.

"We recovered over 20 shell casings -- and we had rounds which went through the front windows at 360 Pitfield (Rd.) and into someone's living room," Det. Hank Idsinga told a news conference Wednesday about the city's 31st homicide.

"It was an extremely dangerous situation."

The shooting occurred at about 11:30 p.m. at the intersection of Pitfield Road and McCowan Road in Agincourt.

Idsinga said police are releasing still images and security camera images in the hopes of identifying the vehicles that may have been involved in the shooting.

One vehicle was a white, four-door North American vehicle. The other was a silver, four-door vehicle. They parked and waited. Two groups of men emerged when Sulub arrived and opened fire.

CTV Toronto's John Musselman reported that detectives have the actual homicide captured on security video, but they are holding it back, hoping that showing the vehicles will help spur some witnesses to come forward.

The wounded man is recovering and is co-operating with police, he said.

Idsinga also read a statement from the victim's family, who pronounced themselves devastated by the 26-year-old Sulub's murder.

"We have lost our Yousuf, who was the heart and soul of our family," they said.

"Yousuf was probably one of the most joyful, kind and sincere humans you could meet."

They said he was a family man who was devoted to those he loved.

Police have said the victim is well-known to them.

With a report from CTV Toronto's John Musselman