A burglar alarm at a downtown drugstore put Toronto police face to face with an unusual masked intruder Thursday morning.

Toronto police were called to a Shoppers Drug Mart at Yonge and Charles Streets at about 2:30 a.m. for an alarm call.

When officers arrived, they found a baby raccoon trapped between two glass doors at the building's entrance.

The raccoon cub apparently crashed through a ceiling vent and became stranded between two glass doors within the building's entrance, setting off the alarm.

As police officers waited for the key holder to arrive at the store, a second raccoon cub fell from an awning above the store and landed on the sidewalk.

After the store employee arrived to unlock the door, a police officer used a camera monopod – an extendable pole used to steady a camera – borrowed from CP24 cameraman Tom Stefanac to force the young raccoon into a milk crate and release it on the sidewalk, where it scurried to a hiding spot with its sibling.

A citizen then placed them in a cardboard box and helped them onto the drug store's roof, where they were reunited with their mother.