The Toronto Police are offering two rewards of $50,000 plus witness protection and relocation for information leading to arrests in two unsolved homicides.

The body of Aeon Grant, 19, was found lying in a building stairwell last December. He had been shot. The building is located at 30 Falstaff Ave., and police say it is controlled by the violent Falstaff Crips gang.

Police suspect the gang targeted Grant, the 55th homicide victim of 2009, because he was on their turf.

Tyrell Duffus, 22, had been found shot to death in the stairwell of a 20 Falstaff Avenue apartment building. His death, the 7th homicide of 2010, occurred on Feb. 8.

On Feb. 19, police released security camera video of two persons of interest leaving the building.

Police say the only link between the two shootings appears to be geography. The two complexes are just southeast of the intersection of Jane Street and Highway 401.

Det. Sgt. Gary Giroux of the Toronto Police's homicide squad said people in those buildings are living in fear, but he needs their help.

"There are decent, hard-working people there who are trying to raise their family, they're trying to send their children to school and they're trying to do right by them," he said.

"And they've communicated to us that they're frightened. They're frightened to live in the building, and they live there largely for economic reasons. And quite frankly, it annoys me and I'm tired of it."

Pauline Sawyers, Grant's mother, urged people to come forward -- and spoke to her son's killer or killers.
"For that particular person that's out there, obviously you don't have a conscience. You're heartless."

Members of the Falstaff Crips were among those targeted in Tuesday's massive series of co-ordinated anti-gang raids.

Police speculate that gang members currently in custody could be responsible for Grant's murder. They hoped residents in the building would take that into consideration and make the decision to co-operate on the murder investigations.

Project Corral charges

Police issued a news released Thursday afternoon with details about the arrests made and charges laid as a result of Tuesdays raids:

  • 71 arrests; 67 adults, four young offenders
  • 13 suspects are female
  • 65 were held in custody for bail hearings
  • one was released with charges
  • five were released with no charge
  • 457 charges laid
  • 112 charges laid of conspiracy to participate in a criminal organization
  • 114 charges laid of participating in a criminal organization

Not everyone were charged with the above offences.

The person facing the most charges is Sheldon Evans, 25, of Toronto. He faces 29 criminal charges, including 14 of conspiracy and eight of participating in a criminal organization. He also faces drug trafficking and firearms charges.

"There are still 24 outstanding people in relation to Project Corral," police said.

With a report from CTV Toronto's John Musselman